Finally, you can text from your existing salon number!

You get to keep your current business phone number — send and receive incoming texts on your computer, tablet, and smartphone, when you download our app!

Instant message notification window appears and overlays any POS or CRM!

For a Textel salon representative, please call or text Michelle at 314-714-4858

Internal customer surveys from C Spire Wireless have shown that 92% of customers prefer text care over phone support.

Your customers want to text your business. Let them.

Textel will allow your existing business phone number to send and receive texts, so customers can reach you the way they want. Adding text messaging to your voice-only line helps you:

  • Quickly answer customer inquiries.
  • Respond via text right from your computer.
  • Efficiently schedule appointments.
  • Schedule last minute appointment reminders.
  • Improve customer service & customer satisfaction.
  • Capture first time customers who communicate by text.
  • Send and receive photos for easy virtual consultations.
  • Running late? Send a text.

Customers will love the convenience and so will your staff!



98% of text messages are read, compared to 22% of emails.



Over 95 million American adults prefer text messages to phone calls.

How Textel Works

A mobile user sends a text to your existing business number.

Sending a text to a business number is no different than texting a friend's mobile phone.

The message appears on your computer or device.

Messages arrive on your computer without having to install any new equipment on your landline phone or network.

Send a reply text back to your friend or customer.

Reply back from anywhere, even if you are not at your desktop using our mobile apps.

Send and Receive Text Messages from Any Computer or Mobile Device

Pricing is Tailored to Meet the Needs of Your Business and Requires No Contract

Basic Business Enterprise
$50/month $100/month Contact Us for Pricing
Text Volume Unlimited Texting Unlimited Texting Unlimited Texting
Throttle Rate 3 Texts/Minute 10 Texts/Minute 60 Texts/Minute
User Accounts 1 Device Login
$10/Additional Users
3 Device Login
$15/Additional Users
Contact Us
Picture Texting (MMS)
Contact Import
Custom Signature -
Auto Reply -
Group Texting -
Scheduled Texting -
Keywords - -
Reporting - -
API Access - -
For a Textel salon representative, please call or text Michelle at 314-714-4858